Sabrina Signs: Homeless (Editor's Cut)

Standard HD

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This music video from Sabrina Signs features her and her friends showcasing her song, "Homeless". Produced by Metahelion Digital and the UFA. Shot by Kip Baldwin, Edited by Nathan Trebes. Friends: Victor DiSalvo, Jaclyn Kate, Brendon Youmans, Michael Nose and Michael Watson. Homeless Dumpster Diver: Pete Saulnier. Coin Princess: Amelie Larson. Researchers: Kip Baldwin, Sabrina Signs, and Jeremy Georgia. Production Assistants: Ketrina Yim, Sinclair Yim, Nicole Fogg, Ela Signs, Devon Clare Dunne, and Rebecca Withey. Original Song Written By: Sabrina Signs. Song Produced and Arranged by: Kenny Schick, Basement 3 Productions.